UPVC roof covering

UPVC roof covering

The UPVC roof cover is the most common type of canopy in recent years.
UPVC canopies are very diverse in the shape of the structure due to the curvature of the sheets used in the ceiling cover. The use of arched structures in addition to providing aesthetic parameters in the architecture of the structure creates pre-structural strength in design and Implementation.
The physical attributes of these sheets are very helpful in coping with hard precipitation and the harmful rays of the sun.
Physical properties such as temperature resistance of up to 85 degrees Celsius, a softness temperature of up to 75 degrees Celsius, a hardness of 70 Rockwell, a reliable bearing load of 30 atmospheres, a tensile strength of 35 MPa, and a water absorption of 2 mg per cm² in the day, are very good parameters that distinguishes PVC in awnings in comparison to other canopies.
Quick and easy installation
Resistance to stretching and bending
Thermal resistance
Sound insulation
Economic price