Dimpled sheet

Dimpled Sheet
The dimple sheet, also known as the dimpled Sheet and drain sheet, uses as the material to fluid drain on the walls and the floor. Due to its structural nature, in addition to drainage on the floor and wall, it is temporary control of fluid influx too. This product is recommended in different places with different thicknesses. Dimple sheet has a polyethylene structure, so it has a very high durable viscosity.
Due to bumps in the whole surface, this layer has a high resistance to impact loads and, due to its prominence, easily drains surface water.
- For the tunnel drainage layer (metro, cable transmission, road, railways, etc.)
- - For foundations (towers, commercial complexes, residential complexes and buried plant sites in the soil)
- Used in roofs for roof drainage (Roof Garden)
- Can be used in temporary bracing and final consolidation of structures
Advantages of using:
- Scatter the water due to sheets structure
- Compressive strength suitable to the project
- Flexural and tensile strength and flexible elasticity to contact rugged surfaces
- Hygienic and non-toxic and free of contaminating materials for drinking water
- Quick and easy installation with a wide width and low weight
- Non-flammable if ordered by the consumer
- Dimension production according to project requirement
- Possibility to connect and lock sheet rolls together
- High resistance to concrete pressures
- Improving the quality of concrete due to its latex absorption by the ground