The PARS MESH POLYMER Company has established in 2006 with the aim of manufacturing plastic mesh in accordance with domestic and international standards. In 2007, it has started its production in a space of 3000 meters.
During these years, with the expansion of our activities and adding producing lines to add different type of products as engineering , geo synthetic, roof coatings and flooring products have always been striving to provide diverse and quality products in accordance with the needs of the market.
PARS MESH POLYMER , currently , having 10 production lines in a space of 8000 meters, is the largest producer of the polymer mesh in Iran.
PARS MESH POLYMER relying the knowledge and experience of its engineers, has designed and manufactured specific products based on its customers’ requests, which has led to a significant expansion of the use of polymer networks in the production of other industrial products (such as filter types), in the future Also, PARS MESH Polymer IS ready to manufacture specific products based on the requirements of its' customers.
Representatives of Pars Polymer Mesh are all ready to cooperate with the development projects and....